About Us

Why invest in greenville connects?

Public transportation is vital to our growing economy.

Greenville County’s future is linked to its ability to attract and retain workers and their families. However, another generation of prosperity won’t be possible without investments in transit options like Greenlink. 

Health care providers, schools, manufacturers, and other businesses need more access to qualified workers across the county. These workers improve quality of life for all of us! Every county resident deserves a chance to reach their dreams. 

Transit options like Greenlink provide them with a connection to education, jobs, family, and a brighter future.

Who we are

Greenville Connects, a partnership of local businesses and nonprofits, the Greenville Chamber, and others, is a coalition seeking to increase investments in our transit system. Founded in 2019, we believe transit options support economic development and mobility, workforce development, equity, health, quality of life, traffic easement, and so much more.

Along the Route

In Greenville Connects’ first year, our advocacy efforts resulted in:

  • The first significant funding increase for Greenlink – Greenville County’s public transit system – in decades
  • Expanded bus service hours, mobile pay upgrades, and funding for a new maintenance facility

Moving Forward

Over the next several years, Greenville Connects will support Greenlink’s efforts to:

  • Expand service hours and routes and increase route frequency
  • Accommodate 71,000 more bus rides per year

Erin Predmore

Executive Director

Erin Predmore serves as the inaugural Executive Director for Greenville Connects. Ms. Predmore has extensive experience on advocacy campaigns, public-private partnerships, nonprofit management and economic development, having been in CEO / Executive Director roles in both social services agencies and a Chamber of Commerce. She is a longtime advocate of a robust transit system, with a deep understanding of how transit increases opportunity for economic development in a manner that promotes social justice and sustainability. 

Erin is an Upstate native who has recently moved back home after living out of state for some time. She is excited to use her skills and experience to play a role in shaping the future of our thriving community. A graduate of the University of Virginia (BA, Religious Studies) and the University of Georgia (MEd, Community Counseling), Erin enjoys hiking, reading, sports, and stand-up comedy.